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FatBack Heritage Bacon starts with the bellies of pasture-raised heritage breed hogs. Humanely raised by our network of farmers, they are fed a natural diet free of hormones and antibiotics. Unlike many commercial bacons that are injected with brine curing solution, FatBack Heritage Bacon is cured with an age-old dry curing method  that removes moisture and concentrates flavor. We hand-rub each belly with an all-natural blend of salt, brown sugar and spices and cure for seven full days. After curing, we smoke the bellies with real hickory wood (not liquid smoke). That’s why we say Respect The Pig.

Unlike some smoked sausage that’s only made in Alabama, our FatBack Alabama Smoked Sausage is not just made - but raised - in Alabama as well. The perfect grilling sausage, FatBack Alabama Smoked Sausage starts with humanely-raised heritage breed hogs, raised on a natural diet free of hormones and antibiotics. Freshly ground and blended with our signature recipe of seasonings and a classic cayenne kick, these sausages are smoked with real hickory wood for a flavor that’s truly something special. Ideal for a casual backyard cook-out or even a fine dining restaurant, this natural casing sausage is packed in 1-pound ropes and sure to please.

FatBack Breakfast Sausage is a true taste of tradition. It's is made from the same heritage breed hogs that create our FatBack Premium Bacon, born and raised naturally in the South. Blended with a bold recipe of seasonings, these individual sausage patties are packed with traditional savory flavor, and are completely free of MSG, nitrates or nitrites. It’s truly the sausage of your ancestors. Our FatBack Breakfast Sausage is portioned into individual 2oz patties so it's ready to cook up for a breakfast like no other.

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