Our signature product, FatBack Heritage Bacon starts with the fresh bellies of pasture-raised heritage breed hogs. These hogs are humanely raised by our network of farmers and fed a natural diet free of hormones and antibiotics. Unlike many commercial bacons that are injected with brine curing solution, FatBack Premium Bacon is cured with an age-old dry cure method, which slowly removes moisture from the bellies while simultaneously infusing them with flavor.

We hand-rub each belly with an all-natural blend of salt, brown sugar and a touch of red pepper and then allow the cure to permeate the bacon for seven full days. Once the curing process is complete, we smoke the bellies with real hickory wood β€” no liquid smoke used here!

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Available exclusively to food service operations, our FatBack Brand Old Fashioned Bacon offers the same time-honored curing and hardwood smoking methods of FatBack Premium Bacon, but with a more economical price, as it’s made with regionally-sourced pork bellies from a larger network of producers.

This product helps fund our mission to support local farmers while providing a more affordable product to chefs and restaurants.