The FatBack Story

In 2013 FatBack was formed by a group of like-minded professionals, all of whom shared one particular passion and goal: they wanted to bring agriculture back to the state of Alabama. As chefs and restauranteurs who understood the value of locally and responsibly grown ingredients, FatBack sought to not only expand the agricultural practices of rural Alabama, but also improve upon the quality of farming to make their products truly outstanding. 

Since then, we have set out on a mission:

FatBack is dedicated to reviving the small, family-owned, heritage-breed hog farm; to providing farmers with quality services for processing, curing, smoking and adding value to their pork products; and to building and maintaining a network in which these products can be distributed.

Here at FatBack we believe that when such extensive effort and hard work goes into raising these animals, the same diligence should be paid when it comes to the quality of post-mortem production. As our slogan states, we Respect The Pig in every single stage.

Today, FatBack works with a network of small farms in Alabama and throughout the South to provide a steady stream of premium heritage-breed pork products to chefs and retailers. Our products are produced in our FatBack Abattoir in Eva, Alabama adhering to the most stringent quality and safety standards.


Located in Eva, Alabama the FatBack Abattoir is a top-of-the-line slaughterhouse and processing facility fully equipped to process hogs however a customer may desire.

From our state-of-the-art cornerless Livestock System holding pens, which ensure the animals wont harm or injure themselves while in holding, to our fully-equipped hog scalder, which affords us the opportunity to process hogs with the skin on, when a hog comes to FatBack it is treated with respect.

After the animals are killed and cleaned, they undergo a five point inspection, meaning the best and healthiest product is what we deliver every single time. And with our hands-on approach to to processing hogs, farmers and chefs alike can be sure that the product they receive is exactly what they want. 

In addition to processing and butchering services, FatBack also offers value-added products like sausages, and bacon, among other items. We have tried-and-true recipes and methods that we employ to make our signature FatBack brand bacons and sausages, but we can also create custom products as well. We currently offer copacking for a handful of restaurants and chefs, using their recipes to create specialty smoked sausages, raw sausages, and bacon that cater to each particular brand.

Our Products

Within the FatBack brand, we offer a selection of products intended for both wholesale and retail purchasing. 


Smoked Sausage

Breakfast Sausage


Fresh Pork

Whole Hogs