Wholesale for Chefs & Restaurants

FatBack sets itself apart from other pork wholesalers due to our extensive abilities: our quality facility and hands-on approach ensure the availability of a wide range of products.

FatBack offers a variety of wholesale offerings:

  • Whole hogs

  • Half hogs

  • Primals

  • Sub-primals

  • Ground pork

  • Value-added products (bacon, sausage, smoked items)


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Co-packing, otherwise known as contract packaging, is a premium service in which chefs or restaurants outsource the manufacturer's secondary packaging requirements to make the products shelf-ready and sell across state lines.

We understand that chefs and their staff don't have the time to be curing slabs of pork belly, or grinding, stuffing and twisting pounds of sausages every week for service. That's why we do it for them, according to their standards. Using the chef's or restaurant's specific recipe, we take great care in creating large quantities of specialty products that chefs are proud to serve and call their own. These products are then packaged and shipped either ready for service or shelf-ready for retail purchase. 



We're proud to be partners with our pork distributor, Inland Seafood. The largest seafood, meat and artisan food distributor in the Southeast.

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