Fresh Pork

Our fresh pork products come from 100% Berkshire hogs that are raised in accordance with a strict set of FatBack standards. Berkshire hogs are known to be a very large, fat breed - just how we like 'em! - which is part of the reason the meat they produce is so sought-after. Berkshire hogs produce incredibly tender and flavorful meat that is super juicy and has beautiful intermuscular marbling.

In addition to being 100% Berkshire, the hogs that produce our fresh pork products are fed an all-natural diet with absolutely zero bi-products or fillers, live in an environment with easy access to green pasture, are treated humanely for the duration of their entire lives, and are never ever given antibiotics or hormones. These standards ensure that the hogs we receive are happy hogs, and that the pork they produce is the best possible quality. Once the pigs have gotten large enough - we take them when they are between 250 and 300 lbs. - they are ready to be delivered to our abattoir for processing.