Unlike some smoked sausage that’s only made in Alabama, our FatBack Alabama Smoked Sausage is not only made - but also raised - in the great state of Alabama. The perfect grilling sausage, the main ingredient in our FatBack Alabama Smoked Sausage is pork from humanely-raised heritage breed hogs. These hogs are raised on a natural diet free of hormones and antibiotics, and are treated humanely throughout the duration of their lives.

This heritage pork is freshly ground and then blended with our signature mix of cayenne-kicked seasonings, stuffed into all-natural hog casings and finally smoked with real hickory wood. The resulting flavor is something truly special. Ideal for everything from a casual backyard cook-out to a fine dining restaurant, this classic Alabama sausage is packed in 1-pound ropes and is sure to please.