Whole Hogs

Our whole hogs are grown to meet our standards at FatBack for quality, heritage pork. Unlike our fresh pork, which comes from 100% Berkshire hogs, our whole hogs are heritage cross-breeds, including Berkshire, Yorkshire and Duroc. These genetics yield a leaner, less fatty hog than our purebred Berkshires, without giving up any of its beautiful marbling and delicious flavor. What's more, these leaner genetics make for perfect smoking hogs since they render less fat. In addition to breed standards, every one of our whole hogs receive an all-natural diet, are ensured ample access to pasture, are treated humanely for the entire duration of their lives, and are never ever given antibiotics or hormones.  

Weight requirements for whole hogs are determined on an order-by-order basis. We understand how important the weight can be for any customer, so we hit target dressed weights within 15 lbs.